Noa Farchi


Office: 39 avenue des Gobelins,                        75013 Paris

Searching to meet a therapist, speaking your language: hebrew, english or french, led you to this page. 

You may be feeling at loss, at a moment of crisis, where you may not even find the right word to explain what is going wrong. 

You read or heard it could be depression, eating disorder, burnout, panic attack, anxiety, obsession, mood disorder, addiction... You are unemployed, a teenager, a student, ill, expatriate, a child, gay, a woman, a man, human. What is going wrong? you wonder. 

It may be that you know exactly what is tormenting you, but at loss in how to proceed. There is a clear obstacle for you to move on. How to do so ?

This problem is new to you. Or it has been there throughout your life. 

You are looking for someone to whom you can address your story, your version, your question. 

I can be reached at to schedule an appointment.